You may be reading this because you have recently suffered an ectopic pregnancy, or indeed you are right in the middle of this very difficult experience. Perhaps you want to support a family member or friend who is trying to deal with the reality of an ectopic pregnancy. Or maybe you are concerned that you are experiencing the symptoms of one.
Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland was set up by a group of women who have all been affected by one or more ectopic pregnancies. 
We are a voluntary organisation who achieved charity status in March 2010. Our main aims are:

  • To raise awareness about ectopic pregnancy amongst the general public and health professionals
  • To provide information and support to those who have been affected by an ectopic pregnancy

If you are worried that you are experiencing the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, please seek medical advice as soon as possible.
An ectopic pregnancy is not only a physical condition; it affects our emotions on many levels. We cannot offer counselling, but can offer a listening ear, based on our own experiences.
Follow the links to the various sections of this website. We hope you find its contents helpful and that you can experience hope in the midst of sadness.

*Disclaimer: all medical information in this website is for general purposes. For individual concerns, please contact your GP, Consultant or Early Pregnancy Unit.

Registered Charity CHY 18869