Monday, 21 November 2011

Meet Sheryl!

This is Sheryl's story, another beautiful testimony of how things can just turn around sooner than expected after the trauma of an ectopic pregnancy.

What type of ectopic pregnancy did you experience?
I had an ectopic pregnancy in Feb 2011 in my right fallopian tube.

What were your symptoms?
I didnt have any of the classic symptoms. However on the day I was admitted to hospital I had really bad pressure pains in my pelvic region and towards the back, which made walking and driving very uncomfortable.

How was your experience with the doctors?
I found Doctors, nurses and everybody involved to be absolutely fantastic. They were extremely sympathetic and understanding.

How were you treated? (surgery, MTX)
I had my right fallopian tube removed.
A week before I found out I was pregnant I fell down the stairs which resulted in very heavy bleeding. I visited my gp who treated me for a vaginal infection. I knew i hadn't an infection and on valentines night (Monday) I took a test and couldn't believe it was finally positive. I contacted the EPAU straight away and told them about the bleeding etc so they arranged an appointment for that same Friday. They scanned me and tested my hormone levels. Nothing showed up on the scan which they said was not uncommon at 6 weeks gestation, but they warned me I may have miscarried and the blood test would reveal all.
It was later that night I had the really bad pains and was admitted to hospital.
My hcg levels confirmed I was still pregnant but still nothing showed up on the scans. It was only on Monday 21st when I was scanned again that they discovered the pregnancy and also a lot of fluid. Within 15 mins I was rushed to Theatre.

Can you tell us a bit about your emotions, family support (if shared) etc.?
Where to start! Angry, sad, alone, frustrated.
Initially when I found out may have to have a tube removed I was totally devastated. We had tried for months to get pregnant and now are chances of it happening again were going to be slimmer.
I hadn't thought of the little baby we lost and used to get frustrated when people mentioned the word miscarriage.
As soon as the physical pain healed the emotional pain took over and all I could think of was our little baby and each week that passed I thought I should be x weeks pregnant now
I kept everything bottled up for a while and realised it wasn't helping at all. After reading stories from other women on the ectopic pregnancy Ireland page I decided I needed to talk about it. I was so surprised at how many people experienced an ep or knew someone who experienced it.

What happened since your ectopic pregnancy?
Well in June I decided to run the mini marathon for ectopic pregnancy Ireland to help raise awareness. It was very emotional crossing the finish line. Also I'm relatively fit and couldn't understand why it nearly killed me only to discover 2 days later that I was pregnant!!!!
I'm now 27 weeks and everything has been going great. The day our first little baby would have been due was still very hard to deal with though and I often think of what might have been.
However we know we are blessed to be pregnant again so soon and are cherishing every moment.
Never give up hope x

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