Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ectopic Pregnancy in Blogland

We have started looking around for bloggers who have reported their experience with one or more ectopic pregnancies. This is a work in progress and hopefully more blogs will be added to the list in the sidebar to the left. If you are not familiar with blogs, you have to imagine them like being diaries. You can search through past posts quite easily and most bloggers have a short version of their stories some where in the main page. The four blogs we have listed here have all been successful in getting pregnant after the ectopic(s) so we think it's a great message of hope for all those dealing with the aftermath of the loss, where the fear of never getting pregnant again is indeed overwhelming.

If you are a blogger and have experienced an ectopic pregnancy, blogged about it and would like to be added to our blogroll please send us an email to info@ectopicireland.ie

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